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The Real Heroes Live Inside Us All

When cancer strikes, we become victims.
Our body transforms into a battleground, with pain and uncertainty becoming harsh realities.
It is our mission to change that. Everyone has the innate ability to combat cancer using their own immune system. However, this ability can become compromised when cancer attacks. Our goal is to restore patients’ immune systems to be able to do what nature intended—wage a successful war against cancer, turning victims into victors.

Our promises to you

We feel a deep sense of duty—to those we love and to those we have not yet met—to invent a new generation of cancer therapies that will empower your own immune system to defeat cancer. With both urgency and humanity in mind, we affirm the following beliefs:

We won’t forget our roots.

Forty Seven was founded by a team of scientists who believed they could advance the war on cancer by first understanding the biology behind it. With that at our core, we believe that having a strong foundation in scientific research will bring us one step closer to living in a world free from cancer.

Time is of the essence.

Patients living with cancer need answers now. To help bring a new generation of cancer therapies to patients, we will strive to ensure that our scientific research goes as quickly and responsibly as possible.

Patient outcomes are our primary motivations.

Research is done to make a long-term impact in patients’ lives, therefore research and clinical development are conducted with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for people living with cancer.

We will go all in.

Cancer has affected each of us at Forty Seven in some way or another, so we take it personally. That’s why we have dedicated our careers to elevating the current standard of cancer therapy for both your families and ours.


Our Clinical Trials

We are currently conducting trials for several cancer types, some combining our anti-CD47 immunotherapy with other existing immunotherapies and checkpoint inhibitors.

Select one of our clinical trials below to learn more about the study and find contact information.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Colorectal Cancer

Solid Tumors

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Our Support Team

Reach out to our team with questions about ongoing trials.

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